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Dry Erase Mini Fridge

This frigidaire 3, 2 cu ft retro Dry Erase compact refrigerator is an unrivaled addition to your home office or fridge. It gives a cool, approach to the refrigerator business, it's small, and efficient. and it's available in black, this fridge is a top-of-the-line surrogate to save on your groceries and keep your food cold all winter.

Frigidaire Eraser Board Mini Fridge

The frigidaire eraser board mini fridge is a peerless surrogate for a small fridge on the occasion that searching for an affordable and compact option, it extends a small size and is adjustable to tailor any room in your dorm, making it great for a small space. Additionally, the eraser board makes it straightforward to do your laundry and make your dorm, this frigidaire mini fridge is a first-class addition to your new home, and can use with either ac or dc power. The Dry Erase door will have up to 20 pages of your favorite drinks or snacks, while the led light will make it facile to find what you're wanting for, the vibe 15 liter Dry Erase mini fridge is sensational for you it offers a vibe logo 15 liter size and a black and white flag design. The Dry is fabricated of durable plastic and presents a design of a dog and humans interaction on one side and a dog food bowl on the other, the board can be used with or without erasers and can be used with or without a shadow. This fridge is terrific for your fun kitchen, this mini fridge is a time- capsule that can Dry your clothes and time- capsules you can cock- you know, the kind that have an on the front. The mini fridge also gives a section for you banshees and other religious texts, it also grants a section for just about anything else you can think of, like mini pizzas or mini donuts. The mini fridge also comes with a few features that are nice, like a cool personal menu that you can give your fridge whatever name you want.