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Igloo Mini Fridge Retro

This is a Retro description for the Igloo mini fridge, the Igloo mini fridge is a peerless little fridge for the price me! It is a valuable small fridge for enthusiasts who are digging for a Retro look at the modern fridge. This fridge is further portable which makes it unequaled for taking on vacation.

- Holds 6 Cans - Home Ac
Igloo Mini Retro 6 Can Fridge

6 Can Mini Fridge Igloo

The 6 can mini fridge is a top-of-the-heap choice for enthusiasts who appreciate the Retro look of an old fridge, this mini fridge is small enough to tailor most food items while still being able to store some more equipment. The blue color is uncomplicated to see in any room and the fridge is ready to serve your food in just a few minutes of startup time, the Igloo portable mini fridge is a best-in-class substitute to keep your drinks cold while you're on the go. The fridge also comes with a red Retro design, making it effortless to find on the go, this fridge is top-of-the-heap for shoppers who appreciate to drink their coffee in the morning. This Igloo mini fridge is an unequaled alternative to keep your drinking water cold, the Retro style is splendid for your home and the blue color is valuable for looks. This fridge is tested to prestigious brands like coca cola and pepsi, the Igloo mini fridge is a valuable substitute to keep your beverage close to home. This fridge comes with an 6 can version and an 4 liter version, so you can keep all your beverage needs close at home, the Igloo mini fridge is a splendid surrogate to it's covered with the Retro 6 can shaped container. This fridge also renders a blue container for time.