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Magic Chef Mini Fridge Temp Control

This qvc-exclusive part requires a minifridge, biz store account and is minifridge. Biz now, the Magic Chef mini fridge Temp Control board provides Control over temperature in the fridge from the Control panel on the back of the unit. This allows you to adjust it's dosen'ts to your required temperature, the board effortless to set up and customize your fridge's temperature. The board renders a temperature Control range of -40 to 40 degrees celsius and can been set to a pre-determined temperature in degrees fahrenheit, it also grants a temperature guide feature to help you with precise temperature control. The board is simple to set up and you can also use it with or without the temperature guide.

Magic Chef Mini Fridge Thermostat Replacement

This is a replacement part for the Magic Chef mini fridge, it is a thermal Control board that controls the fridge's temperature. It includes an instruction sheet part number 12784415, the Magic Chef mini fridge Temp Control board is an important part of the equipment to keep your food at a consistent temperature. This board allows you to Control the temperature of the fridge, making it a best-in-class size for small kitchens, the board includes instructions for how to handle it, and a video tutorial on how to adopt it. This is an instructions sheet for the Magic Chef mini fridge temperature control, if you want to Control the fridge's temperature using an instruction sheet, please send a message and we will be able to find what you are searching for. This is a Magic Chef mini fridge Temp Control board, it is part of the instruction sheet part 12784415. It is used to Control the fridge's temperature, the board gives two buttons, one to set the temperature to 20 degrees celsius and the other to set it to 30 degrees celsius. It is uncomplicated to use, just press the buttons and the fridge will set the temperature for you.