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Mini Fridge Lock Kit

This lock kit for the refrigerator includes a door mini fridge freezer lock and a child safety lock. It is a perfect way to keep your family safe and keep you from having to walk into a room that is potentially unstable.

Mini Fridge With Code Lock

If you're looking for a fridge that can only be opened with a code, you've come to the right place. this mini fridge has a code lock that helps to keep your food safe and secure. You can also feel confident that your food is safe and secure when you walk around with this fridge in your hands. the mini fridge also features a built-in safe that will keep your food safe and secure. This is a perfect piece of furniture for those who are looking for a safety guarantee for their food. so, if you're looking for a secure and safe place for your food, look no further - the mini fridge from wee littles is perfect for you!

Combination Lock Mini Fridge

Are you looking for a way to keep your family safe and keep access to your mini fridge controlled? this lock kit is perfect for this purpose. The kit includes two locks and each one isclear and has a symbol that tells you which area of the fridge it is needed in. The kit also comes with a card with instructions on how to use it. this kit includes two new fridge door locks - a combination lockable model and a picklock model. The combination lockable model can be used to protect your fridge from unauthorized access, while the picklock model can only be used to unlock your fridge if you need to return it to its original condition. This kit also includes an easy-to-use installation kit that allows you to test open the fridge's door. the mini fridge lock kit is a great way to keep your fridge safe and sound. The kit includes two marinelock lockitdown locks and an anchor cables surface prep kit. The kit is perfect for keeping your fridge safe and sound while you're away on vacation or while you're busy shopping. this kit includes 1 set of refrigerator child minifridge. Biz drawer safety mini fridge door lock 2 keys. The kit can be used to park your child's groceries in the fridge if you are away from home when they come in, or to open the fridge if you go away. The key ring is also an excellent tool for storing the key to keep safe.