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Star Wars Mini Fridge

This star wars han solo carbonite mini fridge refrigerator 4 liter cooler warmer wrks is a great addition to your star wars-themed kitchen. This fridge has a 4-liter cooler and a warmer in it, so you can keep your star wars movie theatergoing party just how you want it. The han solo carbonite mini fridge refrigerator 4 liter cooler warmer wrks is perfect for your star wars-themed kitchen.

R2D2 4L Mini Fridge Star Wars

Han Solo Mini Fridge

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Hans Solo Mini Fridge

This hans solo mini fridge is a great addition to any homeadd-on! This fridge is a star wars r2-d2 4-liter 6-can mini fridgethermoelectric character cooler. With it's electric breakfast cooler, you'll be able to relax and enjoy your morning coffee or yogurt today like always! this mini fridge is a must-have for any star wars member of staff! Han solo frozen in carbonite makes for an amazing addition to your fridge, and is perfect for using as a "freeze-dryer" on hisues! this is a great little fridge cooler for use in your star wars character's stocking. It's made of carbonite 4 liter class for durability and keeps things cool, while the warmer kristen 2 liter makes it easy to warm up your drinks. this little fridge is a must-have in any star wars home. It's small, but it's got a lot of space to keep all your nowadays drinks and snacks. The carbonite build means that you won't have to worry about them breaking down and it has a 4th supplied by r2d2. What a great gift for any star wars enthusiast!