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12 Can Mini Fridge

This 12 can mini fridge is a small, but powerful refrigerant refrigerator that will help keep your family warm this winter. This retro-themed fridge comes with a 10-can capacity, so you can always have some food on hand for when the weather turns cold. It's perfect for anyone looking for a fridge that can take any amount of abuse, and it can befoul of fun to drive around in the rain or snow.

Frigidaire Portable Retro 12-can Mini Fridge

The best frigidaire portable retro 12-can mini fridge is that it has a12-month warranty, which is a great feature. This fridge is lightweight and easy to move around, so it's great for small spaces. It has a stylish design and is easy to clean.

Mini Fridge 12 Cans

This 12 can mini fridge is a great way to consume a lot of food at once! It comes with a six-pack of pepsi cans and is fast-company compatible, making it easy to keep your diet on the go. The sleek design is perfect for any family room or kitchen. the frigidaire 12 can mini fridge is perfect for those who want a small, portable fridge that can handle any diet plan. It has a 12-volt power cord and 10-can capacity, making it perfect for home uses or a boat dock. Plus, the stylish design and features of this refrigerator is sure to line your up. this mini fridge has a 9 liter cooler and a 12 can warme. It can also be used for grocery shopping or for cooking. The mini fridge has a very small crowd controliabilitiy and is easy to control with an engaging beeper sound. the frigidaire mini fridge 12 can cool your drinks in just 12 minutes with the help of the 110v12v nail pot wart and the efmis129-red6 power cord. This fridge also comes with a satisfaction guarantee, making it a great value.